I’m Mohammad Khalikh 

a.k.a GRIZZLY ARTIST    >>

Previs Artist | Unreal Generalist | Creative Director | Motion Designer

I’m a passionate Previs and Cinematic Artist who loves everything about Animation and VFX.

Oh! I’m also an Unreal Generalist, Creative motion Designer and an Educator ( I’m guessing you are already here! But just in case)

+91 9894378611

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Work Experience

Co-Founder | Previs | Creative Director | Creative motion designer

Grizzly Arts - ( May 2018 - Present)

• After the first company where I worked as a Previs Artist shut down, I faced a choice: either start fresh as an animator or embark on my own venture. I chose the latter.

• Over the past 6 years, I've collaborated with production houses such as 1stAveMachine (US), Smuggler (UK), Hungry Films, OML Entertainment, and worked with clients including Xolair, Lenovo, TATA Capital, Heinz, Cadbury, Hoopr by Songfest, ZS, Whistling Woods International, Tropicana, Beauty Co, Amazon, Kia Motors, and Circle Health Group. I've provided a range of services including Previs, Storyboards, motion graphics, 2D/3D Animation, Visual Effects, and AR/VR Experiences.

Founder | Head of Content | Publisher

VFXCorner - ( April 2023 - Present)

• What began as a hobby to share knowledge has now evolved into the creation of a website where we not only provide insights from the industry but also conduct interviews with experienced artists from the Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics sectors.

3D Storyboard | Previs Artist

The PPC - ( July 2017 - March 2018)

• As part of a small team of Previs Artists, we collaborated on films and series such as "Kayamkulam Kochunni" and "The Forgotten Army," working closely with Malayalam film director Rosshan Andrrews and Action Director Shaam Kaushal.

• After 9 months of successful projects, the company shut down due to a lack of ongoing projects. At the time, Bollywood was not yet familiar with Previs, unlike now, where it has become an integral part of the production pipeline.

Educator Experience

Certified Reallusion Trainer

Reallusion - July 2023

• I have been certified as a Character Creator Trainer by Reallusion in 3D Animation. Character Creator is tool to create 3D Characters for films and games.

Surfacing Trainer

ATLAS SkillTech University (Formerly DICE VFS) - ( Jan 2020 - May 2022 )

• I served as a visiting faculty member for first and second-year Animation and VFX students, instructing them in the fundamentals of Surfacing and advanced Surfacing techniques, respectively.

Storyboard & Previs Trainer

Whistling Woods International ( Feb 2019 - Mar 2019 )

• Visiting faculty for Animation and VFX students teaching the basics of storyboards and Previsualization for animated and live-action films.

Volunteer Experience

Part of the team organizing the fest

Organised by The Animation Society of India (TASI) ( 2017 - 2019 )

• Volunteered at the Anifest 2017, 2018 and 2019 Organized by TASI.

Education Background

B.Sc digital Filmmaking | Diploma in The art & technique of animation

Whistling Woods International (2014 - 2017)

• I've traversed the entire filmmaking process, from screenwriting to editing for live-action films, and from 3D modeling to compositing for animated films. This journey has equipped me with comprehensive knowledge of film production. My specialization lies in Animation and Visual Effects.

Organised Stop motion animation workshop for Celebrate cinema 2016

Part of the team organising a workshop along with my mentors

• I partnered with my classmate Jayant Sharma on the workshop explaining the types of animation mediums and the techniques.

B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering

Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology (2010 - 2014)

• Like many passionate filmmakers from India, I began my journey with ENGINEERING!. The skills I acquired during my studies were never put to use after graduating from college.



Featured Artist for Animator's guild of India.

From Imagination to Execution

•I was interviewed by the AGI team for my contributions to the films as a Previsualization artist, showcasing some of the work I've done for commercials and films. I shared my experience of how I utilized real-time software like Unreal Engine to create Previs.

Featured artist for Befores and Afters

The art of crafting war scenes for previs

• I was approached by Reallusion and Befores & Afters online magazine for an interview, during which I shared how I have been using Reallusion products to create the Previs for the Amazon Prime series 'The Forgotten Army'

Featured artist on Reallusion Magazine

Endless Engine 3D Community Challenge

• The Reallusion team recognized the value of my Endless Engine 3D Challenge submission, choosing to feature it in one of their articles showcasing the seamless integration of iClone and Unreal for participation in 3D challenges.